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YU Department of Clothing and Fashion won consecutive awards in major international 3D digital fashion competitions N

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  • Date : 2023.12.07 15:17
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Producing winners in major competitions, including the grand prize at “12th International Digital Fashion Contest”

Recognition of Department of Clothing and Fashion for competency in 3D digital fashion design

Achievements in improving the latest technology training and educational environment in the field of digital fashion design

[November 30, 2023]

의류, 사람, 인간의 얼굴, 미소이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

<Students from YU Department of Clothing and Fashion who swept major awards in main contests in 2023 international digital fashion design field>

Students at YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) are recognized for the excellence of their digital fashion design capabilities by sweeping the main prize at major digital fashion competitions.

At the “12th International Digital Fashion Contest” hosted by The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LEE Guk-bin (4th year) from YU Department of Clothing and Fashion won the Grand Prize with the theme of “Nike-Like Digicore 23” and received Award of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy. In addition, MIN Ji-hong (4th year of Clothing and Fashion) won Grand Prize, PARK Yu-jin and PARK Jin-ah (4th year of Clothing and Fashion) won Excellence Award, KIM Hyun-chae, SOHN Min-ju, and YOON Seon-ju (4th year of Clothing and Fashion), KIM Jeong-min (3rd year of Clothing and Fashion) won Encouragement Award, KIM Hye-jin and Sohn Yoo-seon (4th year of Clothing and Fashion) won Special Selection Award, and CHOI Yoon-young (4th year of Clothing and Fashion) won Entertainment Award, sweeping 4 out of 9 main awards.

Furthermore, in the “5th Creative Design Contest” hosted by the Korea Textile Trade Association and Clovirtual Co., Ltd. with participation of 650 global 3D fashion designers from 66 countries, KIM Jeong-min (3rd year of Clothing and Fashion) took joint second place with Tech Award in the student category and received a prize of KRW 2 million.

In “Digital Fashion Design Contest” hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, PARK Yoo-jin (4th year of clothing and fashion) took common second place with Best Creative Award in competition with practitioners and students without age or qualification restrictions and while Lee Guk-bin and MIN Ji-hong (4th year of Clothing and Fashion) received an award.

의류, 패션, 신발류, 패션 디자인이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

<From the left, the work of LEE Guk-bin (4th year, Nike-Like Digicore 23), work of KIM Jeong-min (3rd year, Time table together), and work of PARK Yu-jin (4th year, Flower grunge girl)> 

These achievements are based on the curriculum of the Department of Clothing and Fashion, which covers various fields such as materials, design, design, production, and marketing, and the technical design and apparel CAD courses that cover the theory and practice of 3D virtual digital clothing production (Professors in charge: Professor PARK Sunji and Professor JANG Hyo-cheon). The digital fashion design field, which is attracting attention as a promising occupation not only in Korea but also in overseas markets, is being adopted by enterprises as an ESG-based innovative technology element in the metaverse environment. As the result, the winners of the competition are recognized for their skills and are working in leading fashion brands and vendor companies such as Samsung C&T, L&F, No Brand, and Chris F&C after graduation.

Professor PARK Soon-ji, who is in charge of the subject and serves as the department head, said, “As a result of faithfully operating courses incorporating the latest technology for several years, many of the students received awards for their original and high-quality entries and the department’s capabilities were accepted in the field of 3D digital fashion design. YU Department of Clothing and Fashion aims at cultivation of future-oriented talents with IT capabilities and global business sense and we will continue to provide active support and educational innovation to cultivate practical capabilities.”