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YU Law School ranks first in the nation in passing rate for new prosecutor employment exams in 2024 N

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  • Date : 2023.11.23 15:57
  • Publication Date : 2023.11.15
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Seven persons including PARK Min-jin, PARK Woo-seong, LEE Su-ji, LEE Yeon-ju, LEE Jae-han, JANG Myeong-su, and CHOI Yi-seul  will be employed as prosecutors in May next year

Cultivation of 24 prosecutors until now since Class 1

Established a prestigious status by ranking 1st in passing rate for 9th Bar Exam and 5th in cumulative passing rate

[November 15, 2023]


<YU Law School cultivated 7 successful applicants in 2024 new prosecutor selection>

YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) produced 7 successful applicants for 2024 new prosecutor selection test, ranking first in prosecutor appointment passing rate (based on the number of successful students compared to the number of students admitted).After producing four prosecutors last year, a better result was achieved this year.

Since the establishment, YU Law School (Director LEE Dong-hyung) has consistently produced prosecutors since its first class of graduates and has produced a total of 24 prosecutors to date. Seven persons consisting of PARK Min-jin (26), PARK Woo-seong (35), LEE Su-ji (28), LEE Yeon-ju (28), LEE Jae-han (35), Jang Myeong-su (31), and CHOI Yi-seul (28) to graduate in February next year passed the selection test for new prosecutors to be employed next year.

PARK Woo-seong (35), who attended a congratulatory meeting for those who passed the new prosecutor employment exam held in the president's reception room in the morning of the 10th, said, "I applied to YU Law School with the dream of becoming a prosecutor and was accepted, and with the help of the school and professors, I could achieve my dream.I will become a prosecutor who upholds the principles based on what I learned at my alma mater.” Also, LEE Yeon-ju (28) said “I chose YU Law School on the recommendation of my parents, who were aware of its reputation.YU may be the only law school where professors personally examine every detail, one by one. When I enter society, I will take the lead in raising the status of YU Law School by demonstrating my abilities with confidence.

YU Law School has consistently shown excellent performance in bar exam passing rates since its establishment.YU Law School ranked 1st in the 9th Bar Exam passing rate and 2nd in the 8th and 10th Bar Exam passing rates (acceptance standards for each stage), with 5th in accumulative Bar Exam passing rate last year and 3rd in accumulative master degree acquisition rate, showing the position as a prestigious law school.In the 3rd law school evaluations in 2023, excellence of YU Law School was accepted for the operation and quality of education.

At the congratulatory meeting, President CHOI Oe-chool said, “As a lawyer who graduated from YU Law School with its history and tradition, I hope that you will become a lawyer who contributes to the nation and society of the Republic of Korea and to human society with a sense of duty to realize social justice, and I will support your success.