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YU’s Seoul Alumni Association held 10th Chunma Employment Alumni Welcoming Party N

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  • Date : 2023.11.23 15:55
  • Publication Date : 2023.11.15
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“Hoping for becoming the leaders of Republic of Korea...”

Key persons of YU graduates gathered at a place to encourage alumni to start social life

Accumulation of thick alumni’s affection by more than 250 participants consisting of alumnus seniors and new employees, etc.

[November 15, 2023]


<The YU’s Seoul Alumni Association held 10th Chunma Employment Alumni Welcoming Party at Samjeong Hotel in Seoul on the 7th>

Persons from YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) who are leading Korea gathered in Samjung Hotel in Seoul at 7:00 pm on the 7th. The purpose was to encourage seniors who started social life in metropolitan area including Seoul through the gates of employment.

Chunma Employment Alumni Welcome Ceremony was held by Seoul Alumni Association (Chairman KIM Seok-hoe). The event was first held in 2012 and the 10th event was held this year.It is rare to hold an alumni event to congratulate and encourage seniors starting social life by seniors graduated tens of years ago. The event was fulfilled with more than 250 YU alumni including more than 80 alumni employed recently in metropolitan area including Seoul.They greeted each other and gave advice and encouragement about social life.

In the event, Chairman KIM Seok-hoe (Architecture ’75, CEO of Borim Construction Co., Ltd.), Chairman of Bucheon LEE Si-won  (Commerce ’63), former Minister JEON Jae-hee of Health and Welfare (Administration ’68), National Assembly member Joo Ho-young (Law ’78), National Assembly member KIM Seung-soo (Administrative ’83), and other YU persons in politics, relations, business, law, and culture came forward to meet them despite their busy schedules.

Chairman KIM Seok-hoe of YU Seoul Alumni Association said in his welcome message, “Today’s place is for encouragement of seniors starting their first steps in the society and harmonization between seniors and juniors. I hope we can become mentors and mentees and spend time communicating together. I hope that our juniors who are just starting their social lives will use this opportunity to feel proud as Chunma people and become leaders who lead the Republic of Korea.”

KIM Yong-hee (Economics and Finance ’17), who expressed gratitude on behalf of employed alumni, said, “As a beginner in society, coming here and seeing prominent seniors made me feel reassured, and I am proud to be YU alumni. I am grateful to the seniors who provided this opportunity. I will pursue bigger dreams by following in the footsteps of seniors who are active in all walks of life.When I told my colleagues at companies around me that hundreds of people would gather to welcome alumni who were employed in the metropolitan area, they were all surprised and envious. My juniors will also do their best to ensure that the tradition of the Chunma Employment Alumni Welcome Meeting continues.

Chairman of Bucheon LEE Si-won   (Commerce ’63) made a congratulatory message saying, “We are all here because of our alma mater.YU may be the only university that holds an alumni event where numerous seniors and juniors gather to celebrate and encourage their juniors’ employment. I hope that today’s event will be a good opportunity for seniors and juniors to cooperate and coexist, and I am proud as an alumnus of YU. I hope you will always do your best in your position with a positive attitude.”

President CHOI Oe-chool and Director PARK Jong-guk of External Cooperation Division also attended the event. President CHOI Oe-chool said, “I congratulate the employed alumni who found employment during difficult times. I hope you to use your capabilities to the fullest in your current position. I feel once again that the remarkable development and achievements of Yeungnam University today were possible thanks to the dedication and efforts of our alumni.With the support of our alma mater and our seniors, we hope that our juniors will become talented people who contribute not only to the development of Korea but also to human society, and we will do our best to support students at our alma mater to nurture outstanding talents. We will continue the tradition of a prestigious private school by making efforts to correct wrong information on Yeongnam School Corporation (YU).”

Meanwhile, at the event, a mentor appreciation plaque presentation ceremony was held, where appreciation plaques were handed over to LEE Jae-rim, CEO of Borim Global Co., Ltd. (Architecture ’75) and Chairman KIM Byeong-no of Story Tour (Management ’81), who have always been a strong support for their juniors, and an active trot singer LEE Chan-won (Economics and Finance 15) also visited the event to cheer on the alumni who have started their social life.