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Six Students from YU Selected for the ‘2024 National Position Local Human Resources Grade 7’ N

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  • Date : 2024.07.10 10:47
  • Publication Date : 2024.06.19
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Proved highest level of competitiveness with 38 successful applicants in recent 5 years 

3 for administrative and 3 for technical positions... Highest number of passers among universities in Gyeongbuk

Result of systematic support in whole selection courses including written tests and interviews by College Job Plus Center

[June 19, 2024]

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<Students and graduates from YU who were finally selected as probationary employees in 2024 National Job Level 7 Test for Local Talents>

YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) produced 6 successful applicants in 2024 National Job Level 7 Test for Local Talents. This is the highest number among universities in the Gyeongbuk region.

 Recently, Ministry of Personnel Management announced a list of 172 successful applicants (108 administrative and 64 technical jobs) in 2024 National Job Level 7 Test. Among them, a total of six with three in administrative positions and three in technical positions were from YU. The successful candidates are PARK Min-ki (24, Department of Public Administration, 4th grade), SHIN Won-joo (24, Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, 4th grade), OH Soo-hyun (23, Department of Public Administration, 4th grade) in the administrative position, and KIM Min-ji (24, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Graduate), SONG Sung-wan (25, Faculty of Architecture, Graduate), and CHOI Hyun-jun (27, Department of Fiber System Engineering, Graduate)  in the technical position.

Over the past five years, YU has produced 38 successful candidates for the regional talent recruitment program for Grade 7, showcasing top-tier competitiveness nationwide. In 2022 and 2023, YU led the nation with nine successful candidates each year.This success results from systematic and proactive support provided by the university's dedicated department, the University Job Plus Center. YU supports students throughout the entire selection process, from university recommendation to written and interview exams.

 YU recruits students for National Job Level 7 Test for Local Talents, prepares lectures for written tests and interviews, and allocates exclusive professor tutors, every year. Also, YU supports mock exams and studies for written tests through the University Job Plus Center and provides meetings with previous successful applicants for students to prepare for interviews.

 The university's comprehensive support has led to top-tier results in both quantity and quality. Most applicants pass the written exam each year, and the interview success rate stands at 100%. Last year and this year, all 18 students who attended interviews were named on the final list of successful candidates.

JEON In, Director of the University Job Plus Center (Professor of Business Administration), stated, "The university provides systematic support from the recruitment stage to the final pass, achieving excellent results every year. The students interested in public officials may be highly supported by the programs operated by YU. University Job Plus Center also operates various tailored programs for employment and career guidance for general enterprises and public agencies, etc. We will make actively support students to find suitable careers to meet their aptitude and to be employed by intended agencies.”

President CHOI Oe-chool of YU, who held a meeting with the successful candidates on the 14th, remarked, "Congratulations on overcoming the challenging preparation process and achieving this honor. It is essential to maintain your initial determination to become exemplary public servants and to strive continuously. I hope you will grow into public officials with the right mindset and attitude to contribute to community and national development and to serve the nation and its people."

National Job Level 7 Test for Local Talents was provided in 2005 in order to strengthen local representativeness of official jobs by employing local talents uniformly. Qualified students and graduates recommended by colleges are selected through written tests (PAST and the Constitution), career paper review, and interviews under management by the Ministry of Personnel Management. Successful applicants in this year will complete basic education for adaption to public officials and enhancement of job capability in the first half of next year and will work as trainees in each central administrative agency. The training period is about one year and, after completion of the period, they will be employed as regular level 7 public officials.